APRIL 20: You’re so much more than your grades

Not long ago, a girl died by suicide because she couldn’t graduate in time with her friends.
So she lied to her family, friends and boyfriend and died the day she was supposed to graduate.

After that tragedy, everyone kept saying “she looked so happy”.

  1. A smile can be a mask.
    Don’t assume one is feeling good just because they smile.
    A smile can be totally faked.
    I had the worst thoughts in my head and still smiling was the easiest thing to do, in order to avoid questions and pressure and that disappointed look on my dear ones’ face.
    This is a thing we all should learn.
    Don’t ever stop at the surface – If you love someone, that should come pretty easily.
  2. Too much pressure is poison and has nothing to do with education!
    I quitted university for so many reasons, but there’s one thing I need to say: after quitting it, I started feeling better. So much better!
    And, trust me, it’s not entirely because of me or my mental health issues.
    Our system is completely wrong, it doesn’t make you love studying, it does the exact opposite: you hate doing it and you study only because (since primary school) you’re taught studying is necessary to get a job and the better you do in school, the better job you’ll get and the better life you’ll have – speaking from a super material point of view which avoids a real, human condition. It doesn’t matter how you feel: you are treated like a robot, you can’t fail, you gotta be the best… And woe betide you if you’re not.
    Truth is:

You’re so much more than your grades.

I kept studying after quitting university, and I also treasure every lesson I learnt back then, because that’s the meaning of studying.
At some point I just decided I wasn’t gonna be a part of that rotten system anymore.
I’m nauseous just thinking about it.
I’m still studying, I love learning new things, but I wanna do that for myself, not because of some sick market logic.

I’m not a product to be sold.
I’m a f***ing person!
I have a brain, but also feelings and emotions, and I’m not gonna sacrifice them to get a job which will provide money and the loneliest life ever, surrounded by people who see me as a number, something that can be replaced at any moment.

After hearing that horrible news about the girl, I had this voice in my head telling me: you did it right.
I’m so sure I did it right.
I didn’t want to end up like that.
I still don’t want to end up like that.

Because I know I’m so much more than the grade some bored teacher would give me, without even listening to me during my exam.

And – no matter what you do in your life – you are much more than that as well.
Please remember it and celebrate every time you learn something new. No matter how much they will value it.
There are things in you who are priceless.
Don’t let anyone give them a stupid (can I say valueless?!) price.

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